Mush-Lume Lighting Collection

The Mush-Lume lighting collection is GROWN, not manufactured, from mushrooms!   Danielle Trofe teamed up with Ecovative Design to harness their patented growing process and bring this innovative material science to the lighting industry.  Combining mushroom mycelium with agricultural waste to create an organic, sustainable and biodegradable lamp shade.

The growth process begins with mycelium binding together with a natural substrate comprised of corn stalks, seed husks and hemp in custom molds over the course of several days. When the growth process is complete, the material is dried and heated, rendering the material inert.  What is created is a truly remarkable material, that’s strong, yet soft to the touch and encompasses unique visual details from the organic matter it is comprised of.  At the end of the lamp’s life, the mushroom material can be broken into smaller pieces, then added to your backyard compost and will fully biodegrade!  The Mush-Lume lighting collection is an initiative to start thinking differently about what products are made from, begining with a simple source of light.