MushLume Hemi Pendant - Small

$ 250.00

MushLume Hemi Small Pendant boasts an 11″ diameter dome structure made from organic, sustainable and biodegradable mushroom material.  It’s a stunning representation of the adaptability of this dynamic material and an introduction into exploring new lighting materials.  

The MushLume lighting collection is GROWN, not manufactured, from mushrooms! Combining mushroom mycelium with agricultural byproducts to create an organic, sustainable and biodegradable lamp shade. Each lamp is grown over the course of 4-10 days and is carefully handcrafted throughout the process of molding, growing and drying. The mushroom material is left natural/untreated and may overtime age showing more golden tones or can be hand painted white with a non-toxic, all natural milk paint. The MushLume lighting collection is an initiative to start thinking differently about what products are made from and begin to reimagine a more sustainable future. 

For indoor use only.

Includes hanging hardware, 15 ft. wire outfitted with plug.

Light bulbs not included.

Hand-turned ash wood cup.

11.5"L x 11.5"W x 7"H

If item is out of stock, lead time between 6-8 weeks.